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Turbocharge your growing business with Unified Communications

Amplify your brand and boost productivity

Most business owners who have made the switch to cloud-based business voice and communications do so to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Both are excellent reasons for turning to cloud VoIP phone systems.

However, we have found that many business leaders are looking beyond the obvious tactical advantages. A growing number of companies are turning to unified communications as a strategy for supporting business growth and brand awareness.

At Ooma Enterprise, we are focused on helping our customers meet their business goals no matter what. We asked how our business phone system and unified communications solution have empowered growing companies. Here’s what our clients shared:

Faster business growth

With Ooma Enterprise, it’s quick and easy to add new employees to the phone system and get them up and running with a host of communications features. New extensions can be added immediately with minimal additional costs.

Unlike traditional phone systems that require expensive installations, you simply add a phone and provision the new extension or DID. Adding a whole new office? No problem. You’ll be up and running in no time.

Support for mobile and remote workers

Growing businesses must maximize the productivity of every employee. One way to do that is to make sure that people can stay connected when they are out of the office or working from home.

With the Ooma Enterprise mobile app, people can make and receive phone calls on their mobile device while using their business phone number. The mobile device takes on all of the functionality of the business phone system so nothing is lost in translation when someone is away from their desk.

Video conferencing

Sometimes certain business interactions are better served by a face-to-face conversation. Video conferencing supports business growth by allowing your team to connect more deeply with customers without the expense of travel or asking them to come to you. Ooma Enterprise offers both multi-user video conferencing and one-to-one chat capabilities so that your team can work together in the most efficient way possible.

Coaching and training

Providing an outstanding customer experience is one of the keys to business growth. Ooma Enterprise offers a variety of features to guarantee every employee is using best practices and reflecting positively on your brand. Call monitoring with whisper and barge, along with call recording, are tools that help managers train employees and ensure that a consistent brand message is being shared.

Amplified brand presence

Growing businesses have discovered a way to get a sophisticated enterprise phone system without an enterprise-sized budget. Cloud solutions offer the same core set of features to every customer. By selecting Ooma Enterprise, companies have access to all of the bells and whistles enjoyed by their larger competitors without spending a fortune on hardware or IT consultants.

These features include: Automated attendants, advanced voicemail, ring groups, online management tools, and more. These tools reinforce a brand image that’s successful, capable, and ready to tackle any challenge.

Toll-free numbers

Many businesses have discovered they are able to increase sales by just adding a toll-free phone number to their website and customer materials. Our global presence also allows customers to access toll-free numbers in over 150 countries. That means your clients in London can call your London office toll-free. Greater convenience leads to a better customer experience and a better impression of your brand.

Integration with your CRM

Uniting your business communications system with your CRM increases efficiency, gives you better insight into the health of your business, and allows your team to deliver an exceptional customer experience during every interaction. Ooma Enterprise integrates with popular CRM applications and offers incoming call screen pops, automated call logging, click-to-dial, and call and screen transfers.

Business intelligence

Unified communications gives managers new insights into critical business metrics. You can create dashboards using information from the Ooma Enterprise platform and your CRM to serve as an indicator of sales, service, and operational performance. After all, you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Brand identity reinforcement

Automated attendants and hold music features are excellent opportunities to share brand and product information with callers. You can list office hours, special offers, share your web address, or provide other helpful details.

Cloud office phone systems with extended capabilities are changing the landscape for companies at all stages of development. We’d love to chat about how our unified communications solution might be a fit for your growing business. Just let us know if you’d like to learn more.