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Virtual office solutions for remote workers & multiple locations

Empower your employees to work from anywhere

The nature of work is changing. For many, work is no longer a place, but it is an activity that is done from almost anywhere. More organizations are embracing the idea of remote or flexible workforces, so it’s not surprising that a variety of virtual office solutions are available to make remote business communications easier and more reliable.

Benefits of work location flexibility

There is strong evidence that allowing some people to work from outside the office:

  • Improves employee morale and retention.
  • Makes it easier to hire the best workers, not just the closest.
  • Reduces real estate costs.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Provides benefits beyond enterprise communications, like reducing traffic and minimizing carbon emissions.

Challenges of distributed workers

Of course, remote work and multiple offices are not without challenges for workers and management alike. We asked our clients about some of the challenges they face managing a distributed workforce and they said:

  • Integration of remote workers with the normal communication structure is difficult, making remote workers feel disconnected or seem unavailable.
  • People dislike sharing home or mobile numbers with colleagues, prospects, and customers.
  • It’s tough to manage performance and quality when employees work in virtual offices and can’t be seen by their managers.
  • Remote workers are unable to take advantage of the most basic office cloud phone system features like four-digit dialing, presence or even the simple act of transferring a call to someone else.
  • Salespeople and “road warriors” can be even more difficult to manage than those who work from home because they are never in the same place for very long and communication conditions change.

How Ooma Enterprise’s virtual office solution can help

We believe seamless communication between workers, regardless of where they are located, is a key to success in this new work paradigm. We offer several remote worker solutions:

  • Our cloud-based unified communications system makes it possible for remote workers to use phones that are extensions of the corporate office system. This enables four-digit dialing, call transfer, conferencing and all the other enterprise phone system features that in-office employees enjoy.
  • Workers can take their office phone home or use our virtual phone, the Ooma Enterprise Softphone, to manage calls on their computer.
  • The Ooma Enterprise app is a mobile VoIP solution that enables your smartphone to act as an enterprise phone. Take and make business calls without ever giving out your personal cell phone number.
  • The Ooma Enterprise app enables IM, chat and presence to seamlessly integrate mobile workers with the rest of the team.
  • Our API integration with popular CRM systems gives management a clear view into the activities of each worker, no matter where they are.

If you’d like to chat specifically about how your virtual office might benefit from the Ooma Enterprise solution, please get in contact with one of our experts today.