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Improve sales effectiveness using unified communications and your CRM

Boost sales productivity and maximize business intelligence

As more businesses embrace digital technology, there are countless ways for sales representatives to engage with prospects. Email, social media and in-person meetings all have their place, but for most organizations, vital revenue-driving interactions still occur over the telephone. Great sales strategies also include a business communications system with built-in productivity solutions that unify your sales activities and CRM.

Achieving sales effectiveness is part art and part science. Here are some of the common sales challenges that our clients faced before choosing Ooma Enterprise:

  • Salespeople are too busy to record all activities in the CRM, diminishing the value of the CRM investment.
  • Managers may know how many calls are made by each representative, but they don’t have a way to measure call quality.
  • Sales representatives become disconnected from managers, prospects, and customers when they travel.
  • Voicemail messages are not responded to quickly enough.
  • Training and coaching are difficult, especially with field representatives who aren’t always working from the office.

How our sales enablement tools can help

The Ooma Enterprise phone system, rooted in cloud VoIP technology, helps sales managers by offering a set of tools that enhance sales productivity and empower managers with data.

The Ooma Enterprise solution is integrated with your CRM to simplify life for your sales team and provide valuable intelligence for managers. With features like click-to-dial and automated call logging, the CRM becomes a way of life for sales reps and adoption increases. We provide out-of-the-box integration with the most popular CRM packages, including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

  • With our virtual PBX, managers have detailed call information, giving them a way to track call activity to sales productivity and, more importantly, to understand what makes a quality call.
  • With our mobile app, traveling sales representatives can make and take calls on mobile devices with their business phone number. This maximizes their availability while maintaining the corporate image and control.
  • The Ooma Enterprise solution comes with many capabilities that enable a remote workforce, including Whisper and Barge tools that allow managers to participate in calls and coach sales representatives no matter where they are located.

CRM integration features


Start a call from within the CRM anytime a phone number is available. The click-to-dial feature saves 15-30 seconds per call and also reduces dialing errors. This means that your salespeople can spend less time dialing and spend more time focused on core functions.

Inbound screen pops

Inbound screen pops provide instant visibility of who is calling. Relevant contact information is displayed before the call is answered.

20/20 activity view

Call records are captured in the Lead or Contact record for all calls made from Ooma Enterprise. Get a more detailed and accurate view of customer calls.

Workspace transfer

With the workspace transfer feature, service agents are able to transfer the entire user workspace along with the phone call for an optimized customer service experience.

If you’re interested in learning more about how your phone system can be transformed into a powerful tool for sales effectiveness, get in touch with one of our experts today.