Typical UCaaS “partnerships” essentially makes you, the Partner, a lead source for that UCaaS provider.

Ooma Enterprise is different. When you become our partner, you can take back control and own your customers with us sight unseen.
You get all the benefits of being able to offer a world class UCaaS solution, while you preserve and enhance your customer relationships.

       Why Ooma        Become a Partner

Own your customers.

  • Take back control (with margins to reflect) of professional services, support, billing and custom integrations.
  • Co-brand quotes and invoices or not, it’s up to you.
  • Enjoy a frictionless environment to activate and bill customers.

Make more with attractive monetization models.

  • Recognize full revenue instead of a residual commission stream. Essentially own the top line! Get gross margins vs commissions!
  • White label a fully customizable, API driven, UCaaS solution.
  • We also have a traditional reseller model if you prefer.

Create and penetrate new markets.

  • Ooma Enterprise enables you with a differentiated offering so you can enter new vertical markets.
  • With Ooma Enterprise you can own your customer without having to become a regulated entity.
  • Ooma Office is a curated, simple to use solution, for the small business market.