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Optimize your service experience with a cloud call center

Today, your customers and prospects have many communication channels to learn more about and discuss your products and services. Still, the most important opportunities to attract, retain and delight valued customers happen during one-on-one interactions.

Your contact center can become the hub for these interactions, and a hosted unified communications solution, along with advanced call center software, can play a major role in providing unparalleled service to your callers.

Customer service challenges

Providing a world-class experience for every caller while efficiently managing resources and maintaining high employee morale is no easy feat. We asked our clients about some of the specific challenges they faced prior to implementing the Ooma Enterprise hosted call center platform:

  • It’s hard to find the right staffing level that keeps wait times low without wasting resources.
  • Quality control and coaching, while critical to success, are not easy and are often given low priority.
  • Call center software is difficult to integrate with other business applications, like a CRM.
  • Employees who are not members of the call center cannot easily jump in to help when call volumes are high.
  • Reports can get confusing and aren’t referenced appropriately during decision making.

How our hosted call center can help

The Ooma Enterprise unified communications solution (UCaaS) for business is integrated with our hosted contact center solution to give clients the most complete, easy-to-manage, and effective cloud call center available.

  • Because our hosted call center and cloud-based phone system are integrated, any employee can log into a queue and take calls when call volumes are high. This allows the team to handle peaks without wasting resources on standby.
  • Our cloud call center solution includes built-in call recording and agent scoring to measure and manage employee performance. The Barge and Whisper features of our virtual PBX can be used for hands-on coaching and training.
  • We provide call center CRM integration to unify your call center software with the applications that run your business. Calls can be automatically logged into applications like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, and agents can click CRM records to dial.
  • Our VoIP call center solution comes complete with easy-to-use dashboards and reports to give management insight into the overall health of the contact center, as well as individual agent productivity.
  • The Ooma Enterprise hosted call center solution is fully managed, giving your IT team time to focus on strategic priorities.
  • Our virtual office capabilities let you hire the best agents, not just the closest.

If you are interested in learning more about how a hosted call center solution might help enhance your service experience, please let us know. Even if you don’t select Ooma Enterprise, you’ll gain valuable insight into what you should look for in a contact center solution.