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Managing more than one communications system? Stop the madness.

Consolidate with Ooma Enterprise

Businesses often end up in the unfortunate position of having more than one phone system for many reasons. Sometimes they’ve grown through acquisition, maybe a PBX came along with the space, or perhaps managers at each location have chosen different solutions.

Whatever the reason, managing multiple communications systems is no one’s idea of a good time. Ooma Enterprise can help.

The challenges of multiple communications systems

Trying to run one business that has more than one phone system is a drag. Clients have told us about the following challenges:

  • IT headaches are magnified because technical resources need to understand, test, and administer systems that don’t talk to each other and may have little in common.
  • Employees are frustrated because they can’t easily connect with each other and one office may enjoy features that another lacks.
  • Advanced enterprise phone features such as application integration and contact center platform functionality aren’t consistently available.
  • Upgrades made to older systems can be painful and expensive.
  • Multiple systems mean multiple vendors to manage. For each location, you may be dealing with a PBX vendor, a telco provider, and IT consultants.

Ooma Enterprise can help

Many businesses struggle for years with more than one communications system because they are concerned about the expense and disruption of changing what for most companies is a critical lifeline.

Ooma Enterprise can put those fears to rest. By truly unifying your communications on our platform, employees will be more productive, customers will have better experiences, and your IT team will be free to work on more strategic priorities.

We asked our clients about their experience consolidating on the Ooma platform. Here’s what they said:

  • Painless transition. We provide each client with a Success Hero to guide a white-glove installation experience whether we are replacing one system or ten.
  • Single vendor simplicity. Managing multiple vendors is costly, unproductive, and prone to error. Under Ooma Enterprise, we are the enterprise office phone system provider and the phone company. There’s no need to negotiate multiple contracts or coordinate resources. We’ll take care of all of your locations. You’ll have just one invoice to pay and one number to call when you need help.
  • An enterprise-grade feature set. Our UC features include advanced call analytics, voicemail transcription, desktop and mobile apps, video conferencing, messaging, and more.
  • Ultimate flexibility. With Ooma Enterprise, you never need to worry about having multiple phone systems again. When you add employees, open a new location, or acquire a competitor, we can get your users up and running in no time.

If you’d like to chat with one of our phone system consolidation experts, please just drop us a line.